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nasal drops

nasal drops

Antiviral drug for

OTC medicine

in case of serious viral infections and pneumonia apply injection form of interferon gamma

RX medicine
How it works
Recombinant human interferon gamma blocks introduction of the virus into the cells of the respiratory tract mucous membrane, thereby increasing their resistance to infection.
INGARON® - effective antiviral and immunomodulating drug.
History of Ingaron®
In 2002 SPP Pharmaclon LTD developed and carried out pilot production of the original INGARON® drug based on recombinant human gamma interferon.
The main advantage of recombinant interferons, in contrast to leukocyte ones (which are obtained from human donor blood), is increased safety regarding the possibility of transmission of human viruses when used.

In 2006 SPP Pharmaclon LTD received a license for the production and sale of the only drug based on interferon gamma that is patented and registered in Russia.
INGARON® can be administrated in two ways:
- intranasally (nasal drops)
- intramuscularly and subcutaneously (injections)

It should also be noted that INGARON® is also the world's only interferon gamma that exists in intranasal form!

Clinical studies of this drug showed its high effectiveness in various pathogens. This makes the drug applicable for a variety of diseases, therefore it can be said that INGARON® has a broad antiviral effect.
Interferon gamma showed particularly high exposure to viral infections: influenza and SARS. Thus, the new antiviral drug INGARON® is one of the most effective means in the fight against these diseases today

Over 26 million satisfied customers in Russia have been choosing INGARON since 2006!
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Clinical Trials
More than 1,200 people took part in clinical studies (including patients with acute respiratory disease symptoms and complications and healthy volunteers). 805 study participants received the drug INGARON®. Recruitment took place during flu seasons when people are at high risk of being infected and get complications.

Therefore, based on virus identification data from these trials INGARON® is efficient against influenza types A and B, parainfluenza, coronavirus, adenovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. In all studies INGARON® proved to reduce the duration of symptoms and hospitalization of patients, the severity and duration of catarrhal symptoms and symptoms of intoxication. Drug treatment was safe and well tolerated by all the participants with a minimal amount of adverse events.

In placebo-controlled blinded trials the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections, including the frequency of influenza virus detection, after preventive course of INGARON® decreases by 2 times. In cases of acute respiratory viral infections, the same positive effects are observed. The incidence of complicated forms of disease also drops by 2 times. Based on clinical studies and post-marketing research of the INGARON® use, it is included in clinical and methodological guidelines in Russia.

How it works - Injections
Interferon gamma human recombinant (immune interferon). Antiviral and immunomodulating agent.
It is used to treat chronic viral hepatitis B and C, HIV / AIDS infection and pulmonary tuberculosis in complex therapy. Prevention of infectious complications in patients with chronic granulomatous disease. Cancer treatment in complex therapy as an immunomodulator, including in combination with chemotherapy.

RX medicine
Indications for use
  • Treatment of locally advanced and metastatic kidney cancer, disseminated skin melanoma, locally advanced and disseminated breast cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix IA2-IIB stage as an immunomodulator, including in combination with chemotherapy.
  • Treatment of chronic viral hepatitis C, chronic viral hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS infection and pulmonary tuberculosis in complex therapy.
  • Treatment of genital herpes virus infection and herpes zoster (herpes zoster) in monotherapy.
  • Treatment of urogenital chlamydia in complex therapy.
  • Treatment of chronic prostatitis in complex therapy.
  • Treatment of anogenital warts (human papillomavirus) and prevention of relapse.
  • Prevention of infectious complications in patients with chronic granulomatous disease.