Stimulates intracellular immunity

antiviral drug for
of flu and SARS

Instant effectiveness upon contact with phlegm!

Traps virus and protects airways!

Worlds only interferon gamma type II nasal drops!

Activates intracellular immunuty!

Safer social interaction!
in these months!
2-3 drops in each nasal passage
every other day x 10 days

Preventative course can be repeated
every 2 months
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stop virus penetration
clients reviews
I wanted to leave a review about this medicine, in our difficult time (I'm talking about the coronavirus epidemic). It perfectly treats most of the known viruses, influenza, ARVI. It probably does not work against coronavirus, but it strengthens the immune system well and will not get any worse from it. Our whole family is now accepting
New York
I have been using it for the 5th year, it is a very good remedy for the flu, I dripped it in the summer and I recommend it to everyone for a whole year.
An excellent drug, quickly relieves the manifestations of influenza and acute respiratory infections, especially if you start dripping on the first or second day of the disease. But even if you are late, it still facilitates the course of these diseases. The only drawback, for me, is the form of release, the need to dilute, and the dropper is not very convenient. But the drug itself is excellent!
I have weak immunity. Because of this, I get sick very often. The throat and nose are my Achilles heel. Once I finally got to the immunologist who prescribed Ingaron for me. I want to say right away that the tool is not cheap. But I was already so tired of constant illnesses that the price did not bother me much. The course is 5 days. I did everything as the doctor said. And now several months have passed, and I have never got sick. This is some kind of miracle! The drug fully justified its cost. I was very pleased.
I have had a hemophilic infection. Because of this, then for more than a year I had a fever. What doctors I just didn't have, as drugs just didn't try. But it was all to no avail. As luck would have it, one day I got to see a very good immunologist. It was he who appointed Ingaron to me. Believe it or not, after 2 days of use my temperature returned to normal values! Only 2 days! This is the most powerful remedy I have ever tried. I recommend it a million times!
What is interferon gamma?
Interferon is a protein with similar properties secreted by body cells in response to a virus invasion.
IFN-gamma belongs to type 2 and provides a combined effect: antiviral, with a wide spectrum of action, and powerful immunomodulating. Affects antibody formation and cellular immune response.
This type of interferon plays an important role in preventing the development of infection. In addition, IFN-γ also activates acquired immunity, which guarantees protection against secondary infection.
Can I take Ingaron with antibiotics?
Yes you can. Ingaron in combination with antibacterial drugs shows the best efficacy in the treatment of bacterial infections.
Can I take Ingaron while pregnant?
Ingaron is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation due to lack of clinical data.